compassionate downsizing supportMoving is stressful. Downsizing for a senior move is even more stressful. Let’s consider all the extra steps, decisions, activities and services needed to accomplish such a daunting task.

The good news is that you don’t need to go through it all by yourself.

Emotional support for your senior move

From planning to organizing your belongings, selling and coordinating donations and disposal of waste a senior move professional can take care of the details, such as:

  • Preparing your property for the sale process
  • Cleaners and Painters
  • Hiring movers
  • Marketing your property
  • Completing forms for change address
  • Notifying your phone carrier
  • Utility service cancellation and activation at your new home and much more

The key is finding a compassionate and understanding professional who can handle the details while calming your nerves with patient, respectful and kind support.

Let’s examine how a senior move coordinator may turn out to be your greatest asset. First, by providing their dedicated support, knowledge, and experience. Second, by employing an enormous amount of patience and understanding from start to finish.

You would be right to conclude that a senior move is a stressful experience requires the right support coordinator. If not to just reduce stress, but also to ensure a painless downsize process .

This can be accomplished with:

  • Clear and compassionate directions
  • Understanding throughout the process
  • Thoughtful and patient treatment
  • A shoulder to cry on or hand to hold
  • Respectful and honest communication
  • Responsible and accountable reporting

Additionally, the right senior move specialist will help you avoid being overcharged and under served. Learn how we can help!


Whoever you choose to support you through the downsizing process should help reduce your stress, fear and anxiety. They should also be dependable and attentive to your specific needs.

What are your fears with downsizing? Leave a comment to let us know.

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