Senior move coordinator savingsLet’s review of the cost savings a senior move specialist may provide. First, we need to consider how their established professional relationships translate into cost saving.

Next we ask, does their first hand knowledge of vendor costs and reputations play a part? The answer is, Yes!  Because of their on gong relationships they may receive deeper discounts and greater flexibility with pricing. Simultaneously, a senior move manager saves you time by avoiding the pitfalls of poor vendor selection. Does saving you time translate to money? Yes, why yes it does.

Reflecting on the factors mentioned above, it’s clear they can help ensure a cost effective downsize process. However there are other key benefits as well.


Here is our list of key cost savings benefits a senior move coordinator offers:

  • Access to reputable vendors (relationship management)
  • Knowledge of local support costs (fiscal management)
  • Experience with coordinating schedules (time management)
  • Ability to leverage technology (inventory management)

You can rest assured that all of these benefits add up to saving you money and time. However you might not realize how much they reduce stress and confusion too.


To avoid being overcharged or under served, the strategy we recommend is hiring a senior move specialist. With reliable, compassionate and knowledgeable support you can save more than money. You’ll save you time and effort too. For more on this check out our article “The Top 5 Downsizing Support Benefits“.

Now that we’ve listed these benefits, does it change your perception of how a move coordinator can add value to your move? Leave a comment to let us know.

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