organizing senior downsize move

Why choosing a downsize move manager is a must for seniors

Because it’s such a time consuming part of the senior downsize move process, start taking inventory and organizing what to keep or let go as soon as possible. Essentially you will taking an inventory of all of the items you own that will be effected by the move.

By creating this inventory list you can easily scan through and note the status. This list can be used to help guide the organization process.

Remember, when downsizing not everything will fit into your smaller home, so you must decide:

  • What you are keeping
  • What do you want to sell
  • Do you want to donate items
  • What to dispose of
  • Furniture and appliances

TIP: We suggest using color coded sticky dots because they are useful for distinguishing what to sell, donate or dispose of.

Once categorized, consider the best ways to deal with your items:

  • Pack what you are taking with you
  • Rent a storage unit
  • Sell online like ebay or craigslist?
  • Have a yard sale, an estate sale or advertise items on facebook marketplace?
  • Donate items at a local church, second hand store or have picked up by Goodwill?

Each of the above options have some obvious activities involved while others may be more elusive.

For example, you may be familiar with renting storage units, but you will need to research those close to your new location for pricing, availability and size. You will also need to factor recurring monthly costs into your budget as well. Oh and renting a Uhaul or movers to transport storage items.

To illustrate the point further, consider if selling online you will need to digitally photograph all the items for sale, download them from your camera to your computer, signup for an account on craigslist or ebay, then upload the photos and set the pricing.


Fortunately, you do not need to go through this downsizing move emotionally and physically draining experience alone because there are senior downsize professionals like us that can help.

Do you know anyone who has gone through this process? Was it good or not? Let us know in the comments.

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