Testimonial – Jeffrey B. Morris, MD,MPH

Reference on Rose Rugama
Date September 3, 2019

I have had the pleasure of working with Rose Rugama for the past 9 months. My 96-year-old father became disabled requiring him to move to a more structured environment. He had been living in a single-family home with my mother until her passing approximately 8 years ago.

The home was in much needed repair as he had not maintained it since her passing. Rose was referred to me as someone who was not only a real estate agent but had extensive experience as a subcontractor in the homebuilding industry.

I contracted with Rose to:

1) Help organize and remove all furniture and household items my
father would not be taking to his new home

2) Cost-effectively manage getting the home into
better repair and adding cosmetic improvements in order to reap a higher sales price

3) Manage the sale of the home. Which she executed efficiently.

Rose went way beyond my expectations. She not only managed the above with great
professionalism and at a fraction of the cost had I separately contracted with a remodeler, but
she also managed a 96-year-old highly intelligent and very demanding client (my father). She
was able to do this with grace and compassion.

The home turned out beautiful due to Rose’s expertise in picking quality and cost-effective
subcontractors, as well as her daily attention to detail and monitoring the work for hire. We
sold the home within a very short time following the remodeling and at a price well above my

Needless to say, I would hire Rose over and over again myself, and she has my unqualified
recommendation for anyone contemplating a project like the one above or simply for listing a
home for sale. As for me, she will put her heart and soul into each and every client. I have no
doubts that anyone working with her will be writing a similar recommendation in the future.

Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions.

Jeffrey B. Morris, MD,MPH
San Diego, Ca
(Phone number intentionally removed to protect customer privacy, please request number from Rose)

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